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Jane Ponsonby
Professional Reflexologist

Over 30 years experience as a qualified reflexologist, delivering holistic reflexology to define issues and treat the mind and body.

My Story

 I qualified in reflexology in 1994 whilst living in Scotland. In 2002, my family and I moved to Australia. Shortly after arriving, at the age of 48, I had a hip replacement. Since then I have specialised in learning how to realign the body to alleviate hip and back pain using Vacuflex, Reflexology and Kinesiology. 

These three modalities, along with the Danish Touchpoint Reflexology and nearly 30 years of experience; have enabled me to develop my own style of holistic reflexology. 

Being so close to Europe provided wonderful access to the many forms of reflexology including Precision, Maternity, Vertical, Chi, ART, TCM, Cranial-Sacral, Ayurvedic and Foot Mobilisation. As well as reflexology courses I have studied Kinesiology, Indian Head massage, Myofascial Release, PSYCH-K®, McLoughlin Scar Therapy, Foot/Ankle mobility,  Australian Bush Flowers Essences, and I am an authorised supplier of Step Flex Orthotics. 


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What to expect from your Reflexology session

Each comprehensive session lasts an hour and begins with the Vacuflex boots being placed on your feet, creating firmeven pressure over each reflex simultaneously. During this time I discuss any current issues you may have, desired improvements and take a brief medical history.   Once  the boots are removed, a map of colours appears, defining areas of congestion within your body. These colours last just a few seconds. 


Cupping; using vacuum pads, helps to balance the meridian energy and afterwards we will move onto manual reflexology for roughly 50 minutes.  Finally applying the Kinesiology twelve meridian muscle balance makes sure your major meridian muscles are "firing" and your body is aligned. 

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Nurture Your Body & Mind with a personalised Reflexology session with Jane

Toe to Heel Reflexology Testimonials


Jenny Willis

Thankfully I have been a client of Jane's for several years. She is the ultimate professional and a wonderful reflexologist. I have had such positive results with my health and I always feel energised after a treatment and I come away with a greater understanding of muscles and nerves and the interaction within each system of the body. Its is a very soothing and therapeutic way of approaching health care. I can highly recommend a visit.
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