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Pregnant Woman

Maternity Reflexology

Pregnant women undergo a myriad of physical and hormonal changes to cater for the growing foetus.

From the early stages of morning sickness to birth, reflexology can help with the physical, mental and emotional changes that you may experience during pregnancy.

Benefits of Reflexology for Pregnant Women

  •  Reduce Morning Sickness - Over half of pregnant women will experience morning, day or evening sickness.

  •  Improve Bloodflow & Circulation reducing swollen ankles.

  •  Reduce Heartburn

  •  Enhanced Backache Pain Management - About of  half of all pregnancies involve some form of back pain.

  •  Reduced Constipation & Haemorrhoids - Common in pregnancy, partly due to increased pressure on the bowel and partly because hormones can make the gut less efficient.

  •  Assists in Balancing Fluctuating Hormones

  •  Reduce Anxiety & Insomnia - Consistent high levels of stress and anxiety can affect baby's growth.

  •  Muscular Fatigue & Tension Relief 

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Reflexology supporting you through pregnancy

Reflexology is a gentle, relaxing, natural and holistic therapy based on the principle that reflexes on the feet, hands and ears reflect the whole body.  These reflex points respond to gentle pressure, stimulation the body's own natural healing processes resulting in improved overall health for you and your baby.

Pregnant women undergo a myriad of physical and hormonal changes to cater for the growing foetus.  Every system in the body is affected, so it is important for you and your baby that steps are taken to ensure everything is kept in balance.

Reflexology can help with nausea, backache, constipation, haemorrhoids, poor circulation, swollen feet, ankles and legs (using lymphatic techniques), symphysis pubis discomfort, high or low blood pressure, fatigue, headaches, anxiety and other pregnancy smptions and discomforts.  Fluctuating hormones can be balanced using an Endocrine Balance technique.

Reflexology treatments are especially useful towards the end of pregnancy in preparation for the birth.  Overdue dates and stalled labour can be an worrying time for mothers to be.  By relaxing the mother and stimulating certain reflexes, labour often starts and continues naturally.

Postnatal Reflexology can help breast feeding, encouraging a good flow and helping with engorgement and mastitis problems.  It is particularly helpful with postnatal depression and can be very beneficial in dealing with fatigue, stress and anxiety issues.


It is important to remember that new mothers need cherishing and nurturing.

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Nurture Your Body & Mind with a personalised Reflexology session with Jane

Toe to Heel Reflexology Testimonials

Sleeping Baby

Karis Harlon

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Jane is an incredibly gifted and well informed practitioner. I first found her when I was pregnant and our sessions together during that time were life changing! What a relief for pregnant feet and body to be held and cared for by Jane. Having Jane treat me postpartum was also hugely beneficial for my recovery! 
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