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Seniors  Reflexology

Over the years our body systems begin to slow down, bringing about changes which can cause health concerns.

Reflexology promotes balance in the physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels of the body.  The deep relaxation produced during reflexology helps reduce the symptoms of pain and stress and produce a feeling of well-being.

Benefits of Reflexology for Seniors

  • Reduces Stress

  • Balances the nervous system

  • Improves sleep quality

  • Boosts lymphatic function

  • Improves circulation

  • Detoxifies the body

  • Enhances the body's natural healing process

  • Helps balances your bodies systems

Smiling Senior Couple

Reflexology supporting you to age well

Reflexology relaxes and balances the body through pressure points, stimulating the circulation to restore energy flow which helps clear blockages which may have occurred due to stress, toxins, illness, emotions and injury. 

Reflexology is also beneficial to seniors who may have spent their working years on their feet or who may be prone to falls. Pressure applied specifically to the foot can help improve balance and flexibility while relieving tension.

Reflexology can help the elderly to be more relaxed and energized, which encourages more physical activity. Seniors who exercise release chemicals in their brains that increases the feeling of happiness.


Regular reflexology sessions can help fight the negative effects of the aging process, including depression and chronic pain.

What to expect from your Seniors Reflexology session

Each comprehensive session lasts an hour and begins with the Vacuflex boots being placed on your feet, creating even pressure over each reflex simultaneously. During this time I discuss any current issues you may have, discuss the improvements  and take a brief medical history.   Once  the boots are removed, a map of colours appears, defining areas of congestion within your body. These colours last just a few seconds. 


Cupping; using vacuum pads, helps to balance the meridian energy and afterwards we will move onto manual reflexology for roughly 50 minutes.  Finally applying the Kinesiology 12 meridian muscle balance makes sure your major meridian muscles are "firing" and your body is aligned. 

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Nurture Your Body & Mind with a personalised Reflexology session with Jane

Toe to Heel Reflexology Testimonials

Sunset Surfing

Karis Harlon

Pregnant Woman in Nature_edited.jpg
Jane is an incredibly gifted and well informed practitioner. I first found her when I was pregnant and our sessions together during that time were life changing! What a relief for pregnant feet and body to be held and cared for by Jane. Having Jane treat me postpartum was also hugely beneficial for my recovery! 
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